Profeti della Quinta
Vocal Ensemble
The Carlo G Manuscript
Virtuoso liturgical music from the early 17th century
​In the short history of modern musicology, the discovery of a “new” and important manuscript is a rare and exciting event. In the case of the Carlo G manuscript, it was not just that an important manuscript suddenly appeared, but also that it quickly disappeared again. After 400 years of oblivion, this is the debut of the mysterious Carlo G and his music. The musical content of his manuscript provides vivid testimony to the unique repertoire and performance practices of liturgical music in Italy of the early 17th century.

Coming soon on May 2017!
​Perrine Devillers, Sopran
Doron Schleifer, Countertenor
Ori Harmelin, Chitarrone
Elam Rotem, Organ and musical direction
Guest musicians:
Plamena Nikitassova, Violin
Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, Organ
Organ: Antegnati, early 17th century; restored by Giovanni Pradella (2013), in Chiesa dei Santi Eusebio e Vittore, Peglio (CO), Italy.
A production of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis – Hochschule für Alte Musik
Recorded at Chiesa dei Santi Eusebio e Vittore, Peglio (CO), Italy, on 26-27 April & 2-6 May 2016
Recording producer and mastering: Oren Kirschenbaum