Il Mantovano Hebreo
Italian madrigals, instrumental pieces and Hebrew prayers 
by Salomone Rossi (c.1570-c.1630)

The programme portrays Salomone Rossi's many-faceted art as a court composer in the service of the Gonzaga family and as a unique innovator of devotional music for the synagogue, by presenting a selection of his Italian madrigals, instrumental pieces, and Hebrew prayers.


- Diapason, April 2014 - Denis Morrier
"5 Diapson" - "The polyphonic madrigals are performed with great purity:
the intonation is irrefutable, the counterpoint always legible and the text clear... the instrumental pieces are performed by two brilliant violinists... This new release is currently the most recommendable recording for those who wish to discover the various facets of the remarkable "Jew from Mantua".  [English translation by Dan Dunkelblum]

- International Record Review
“Tantalizing as the music and the composer may be, the most tantalizing thing about this disc is what is, for me, the appearance of an entirely new and original Early Music ensemble... Profeti della Quinta produces a delightful and remarkably flexible sound, clearly committed and devoted to this music.”

- Tiroler Tageszeitung, 19.4.2014
"The deep faith in the liturgical pieces received an extra vocal charm, due to the mother-tongue naturalness in which the Hebrew-speaking singers performed them. With their superb beauty of sound and magnificent perfection of intonation, they performed also the Italian Madrigals. Employing musical freedom, sensuality and charm, they offered in addition an insight into the poetry of the time. [link] [excerpt translated by D.Dunkelblum]

- Toccata alte musik aktuell, 70/2014 - Robert Strobl
“The instrumental works are performed with extreme delicacy, which makes the listener melt away. The secular vocal pieces breathe spirit and esprit; they please and captivate the listener's attention. Yet, the sacred psalms are so intense, so sensitive, so pious that they send shivers down the spine. The overall interpretation is thus exemplary. Again and again, one finds oneself in a new world of emotions. And what a dazzling composer, what a spectacularly simple and just interpretation!” [translation from German: Agnes Monka]

- Klassike Zagen, 2/2014, Marcel Bijlo
"This ensemble manages to convince you from the first note on, they are five singers who seem to breathe through one mouth. Also the instrumentalists are of great quality. Last year Profeti della Quinta did a concert tour in Holland with this program, and the very concentrated atmosphere that was present in the concerts is effortlessly transmitted to the CD. This is really very special."
[English translation by Eva Saladin]

- Early Music Today, March-May 2013 - Adrian Horsewood
5 stars! “What pleases most is the variety of vocal colours the ensemble finds: one’s revelling in the smooth sheen of its homophonic sound - most marvellous in the Hebrew language psalms - stands in stark contrast to the vigour of the lower voices in two-part madrigaletti. An exotic selection of instrumental sinfonia, sonatas and dances - all marvellously performed by the small ensemble - provides further evidence of both the quality and the variety of Rossi’s music.”

- Musicweb, 11/3/2014, Lucy Jeffery
“With this outspoken intimacy, the Profeti della Quinta delicately permeate each performance with the scents and spices of late Renaissance verse.”   “This ensemble performs with flare and fiery vividness.”   “Not only is the diction and phrasing exact and imbued with character, but this music is enlivened by genuine youthful excitement. With the contagious enthusiasm of instrumentalists and singers alike, I defy any listener to not be utterly entranced and uplifted by this gracious and cavorting music.“ [link]

- MDR, Figaro - Das Koltorradio
"... it is no coincidence that the excellent Israeli Ensemble Profeti della Quinta dedicate themselves to Rossi's music... and allow a wider view of the music by this extraordinary and still largely unknown composer, which has such quality that it needs no shame when compared with the best music of the time". [link]
[English translation by Dan Dunkelblum]

- Gramophone, March 2013 - Lindsay Kemp
“The group as a whole perform with a secure sense of direction and a feel for the music, and are confident enough to add occasional discreet ornamentation. The instrumental playing is also excellent. Definitely an ensemble to look out for.”

- The Guardian, 22/12/2013 - Fiona Maddocks
The album was named under "Hidden gems of 2013": "...This expertly performed collection of Italian madrigals, Hebrew prayers and instrumental music deserves recognition as a hidden gem."

- vespers, 28/12/13 - Craig Zeichner
Best of the Year 2013!
Cantus - Doron Schleifer, David Feldman; 
Tenor -  Dino Lüthy, Dan Dunkelblum; 
Bassus, Cembalo & musical direction - Elam Rotem.

Violin - Katya Polin, Eva Saladin; 
Theorbo - Ori Harmelin, Ryosuke Sakamoto 

LINN records, November 2013 [CKD 429]